Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here it is: 2010-11 TwinsCentric Offseason GM Handbook!

The firs dominoes have fallen in this offseason but there's still plenty of action yet to take place, with the GM Meetings sure to spark plenty of new hot stove banter. This is the perfect time for you to get ahead of the game with a resource that gives you the inside edge on how your favorite club will handle business this winter.

The TwinsCentric Offseason GM Handbook allows you to treat the Twins like your own fantasy team, but within real world parameters. This $9.95 e-book will give you everything you need to enjoy the offseason almost as much as the real season:
- What free agents are available?
- Who can the Twins afford to bring back?
- Who are the trade targets?
- What can Twins fans expect from the farm system?

Last year's book placed JJ Hardy at the top of the Twins' trading wish list and identified Orlando Hudson as a top free agent target. This year's 95-page e-book is even better, giving you the chance to develop your own blueprint and get the low-down with competitive reports on what the other AL Central rivals are up to. It's less than the cost of a hot dog and a beer, and it will last you all offseason. Just click on the button to add it to your shopping cart and receive it almost immediately!

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This year's version includes a foreword by KSTP's Joe Schmit, and is the in-depth analysis that the Minnesota media relies on and values. Just ask them!

"If you want the best data for playing along with the Twins front office, what you really need to do is order the soon-to-be-released 'Off-Season GM Handbook' by the TwinsCentric crew. It's 30,000-plus words about all the issues that will go into shaping the Twins in 2011 and beyond. It's on my list of the Top 10 things you can buy for under $10, right up there with the Kramarczuk's sausage at Target Field."
- Howard Sinker, editor,

"The book sets out practical, realistic assessments of what the organization has, what it needs, and where and how it might fill those needs. There are no 'trade Nick Blackburn even up for Felix Hernandez' pipedreams here."
- Ed Thoma, Mankato Free Press

"I also look forward to reading the 2010-2011 TwinsCentric Offseason GM Handbook. I followed the TwinsCentric crew long before they joined the Star Tribune's blogging army and their exhaustive work continues to impress me."
- Joe Christensen, Star-Tribune beat reporter

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Right about now is when someone asks about a paper version. And unfortunately, it's also when I explain why it won't be available in as a paper book. The reason? It just plain has too much information in it to print at a reasonable price level. I'm sorry.

Last year we offered both, sold the paper version at a LOSS - and still sold 10 times the number of ebooks as hard copies. It also ends up being considerably more work as the retailers require reformatting for it to work on paper. Instead, we're looking into sites where you can turn the e-book into a paper book for those who don't mind the extra cost. Again, I'm sorry, but we can't offer it.

The good news? You get it almost immediately after you order it, and since most smartphones support the pdf format it is in, you'll have it at your fingertips all offseason. Provided, of course, you buy it....

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Still not convinced? Well, we're so sure you'll like it that we'll give you your money back if you don't. Just email us at and John, Seth, Nick or Parker will make sure to get your money refunded. Give it a shot.

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